here’s mái story

welcome to the mái (pronounced “my”) website. we hope to give you a sense of what the mái brand is all about. if you have any questions about mái or about our products, send us an email any time – we’d love to hear from you:

mái basics

mái specializes in sushi and lots of artfully arranged and healthy japanese deli dishes. we use only high quality ingredients to make sushi, bentos and authentic asian sauces. you can find mái products at our restaurants and kiosks and at fine retailers and grocery stores in the new york metro area.

mái's mission

mái's mission is:

  • to become the #1 provider of sustainable and responsible Japanese-inspired cuisine in the world, to help our customers lead a happy and healthy lifestyle

mái's values are:

    1. people
  • treat people with respect
  • have a positive impact on others
  • develop and support  each other

  • 2. products & services
  • provide delicious sustainable food and exceptional service
  • follow the highest safety standards
  • promote health and well-being

  • 3. partnerships (customers, clients, vendors)
  • exceed expectations
  • create “win-win” opportunities
  • communicate openly and clearly

  • 4. planet
  • respect the environment
  • serve and support our communities
  • lead in sustainable and eco-friendly sourcing

mái FAQ’s

what’s the big deal about “high quality ingredients”? Isn’t everyone?

natural and fresh ingredients are delicious just the way they are. at mái, we don’t believe in piling on preservatives or food-colorings to make our food last-longer, look brighter, or taste any different from what nature intended. we believe in offering our customers wholesome, high quality ingredients in yummy combinations. And they are y-u-m-m-y! we feel good that our customers can feel good about what they put into their bodies.

what’s mystery-free labeling?

at mái, we put nutritional information and the ingredients list for each item right on the package, whenever there is space to do so. If there’s no space on the package, you’ll find the information close by, so you can make an informed decision about what you’re eating. check back with us soon, and you’ll find that, nutritional charts will shortly be available for our entire menu on our website.

what do you mean by “nutritious and healthy ingredients”?

it starts with using high quality ingredients. next, our chefs create delicious recipes which are reviewed and critiqued by dieticians and nutritionists to make sure each item has a good balance of flavor and nutritional value. the final product is always something that our team believes to have the best of both characteristics.

what is authentic japanese with a world-view?

we create delicious flavor combinations by evolving original japanese recipes into something new and unexpected. often, that process happens by infusing culinary influences from around the world to create new and tantalizing dishes, sides and desserts (belgian waffle cream-wich, anyone?). the soul of our food is japanese, but its personality is definitely global. put simply, we respect tradition, but we’re not bound by it.

why focus on convenience?

have you ever found ordering from a japanese menu to be a bit intimidating and lengthy? what do all those japanese words mean? “the à la carte menu is too expensive, but the “set” menu doesn’t have everything i like.” food should be fun; not stressful.

we’ve arranged our menu into easy-to-understand sections (using english names and pictures), and we’ve given you mix-and-match options and small snack-sizes, so you can create the perfect item for you. don’t feel like committing to 8 pcs of 1 roll? no problem. we have 3pc nigiri nibblers, 2 and 3 pc inari snackers, and even cute little noodle cups and chirashi sushi (mái sushi cups). the goal was simple: give customers more options and opportunities to try different items. ease, simplicity and a touch of the unexpected: that’s mái kind of food!

what’s eco-friendly sourcing?

as a restaurant, we know that every choice we make has either a direct or indirect effect on the environment. from the fish that we serve to the containers on which we serve them, each choice we make has a consequence. the key is to make educated choices which have less negative and more positive impacts on the environment. we’ll be the first to admit that we still have a long way to go. and with your support, we’ll keep moving in the right direction in until all our sourcing needs are met in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.